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Our professional, friendly and approachable team are here to work with you to make you feel part of our family.  It’s about making things as simple as possible for you and your clients and support you in every way we can.

Our promise to you

As we are a network created by brokers, we understand first hand the complexities of our industry.  We are keen to make our experience and expertise an invaluable resource for you

As part of The Broker Network, you'll have the time, energy and freedom to give your clients your absolute best.


We have a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry and have seen many changes. You can utilise this to help you succeed. We are always at the end of the phone for you.

Truly 'whole
of market'

Our approach is truly whole of market and we do not work with a ‘panel’ of lenders or providers


Our CRM system is market leading and fully integrated with mortgage and protection sourcing systems. Factfind, source and apply all in one system.

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This enables you to have your own FCA number and company.

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Introduce your clients to our advising arm Mortgage Saving Experts.

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We have an ethos of being open and honest. If you think there is a way of improving any of our processes and procedures then we encourage our members to contact senior management and we will consider what you are suggesting. 

Why would we not implement something if it makes life easier for everyone?

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Strengthened and empowered

Our network members enjoy the benefit of seamless systems, years of expertise and utilising these and seeing their business grow.

What is a Mortgage Network?

A mortgage network is a company which gives permissions to an individual or company to trade as mortgage, protection and equity release advisers. We are responsible for their compliance and oversight and deal with the FCA so they do not have to.

What are the benefits of being with a network?

Using a network frees up more time for you to focus more on what you like doing. Whether it’s growing your business or helping your clients.

A network will provide support for you as an adviser or business and give you a framework so you can be compliant and ensure you are staying the right side of regulations.

What resources are available to members?

This varies from network to network. At The Broker Network you get Exclusive mortgage products, enhanced procuration fees, a personal service, the ability to be listened to, robust compliance to protect you, PI cover provided, Integrated seamless CRM, sourcing and application systems, training to ensure you and your advisers remain competent, access to many lenders making us truly whole of market and if you are just finding life difficult and need someone to talk to then reach out as we are here to talk anytime you need us.

What support can I expect?

We can be as hands on or off as you like. If you want help with marketing, growing your business, help with underwriting applications, help placing cases and any general information or advice we can give you we will. If you need help personally and just need someone to talk to then we are here to listen.

What products does the network have permissions for?

Our members can advise on mortgages, bridging loans, secured loans, protection and lifetime mortgages.

We look forward to welcoming you

However you choose to join our networking family, we will be on hand as much or as little as you need.

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